Every business has them. An employee who has dedicated a large part of their life to the one company. These are the people who know the business backwards, from where we keep the clean dish cloths, to the difficult account in the late 1980’s that they had to manually type reports for.

For us this is Ann McDonald. People who have dealt with us know Ann. She’s been part of the Byfields fabric since 1983 and has seen many an employee come and go as well as a large amount of business change throughout that time. At the end of this month Ann will retire after dedicating 37 years to the Byfields Group.

Ann’s journey started as an admin to the Accounting Partners of Byfields. A Personal Assistant who managed their business and sometimes personal lives without any hesitation or reservations. Ann soon became the “go to” woman in the office and was quickly known as someone who just got it done.

Ann’s progression from Personal Assistant for the Byfields Accountants to Client Services Manager for Byfields Wealth Management progressed in 2007 when BWM created our own entity for the financial services we provided. Ann was again in the thick of it, helping with the move as well as providing valuable insight into setting up administration processes that are still in place today.

Fast forward to 31 July 2020 and we say a teary goodbye to a loyal, honest and dedicated Byfields employee who will embark on her next phase of life. Retirement.

Enjoy Ann, there is no one more deserving of a good long break and we wish you well in your future travels, quilting and gardening adventures.