The Importance of a Will

Sometimes life is just too hectic that we overlook the basics of protecting our loved ones from the inevitable. Death is a subject that is considered “taboo” in most households, yet can be the most complicated mess to clear in the untimely demise of a family member. Although it doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing as a will can alleviate a lot of the financial stress from administering an estate.
Kylie Tweeddale, a widowed police wife from our states north, knew such complications and tells her story on the WA police Union website. We have attached the link here to give you an insight into how messy administering an estate for a deceased loved one can be when they die intestate.
If you don’t have any estate plans in place, then consider this. Do you want your family to have this additional burden on their shoulders after you’re gone? If not please contact one of our extremely professional advisers to start your estate planning requirements.
Credit: WA police Union website

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